Saturday, June 23, 2012

sluggo agonistes [stickers]

sluggo agonistes [stickers] by the|G|™
sluggo agonistes [stickers], a photo by the|G|™ on Flickr.
The|G|™, a hermit and heretic from the Northwest of England, was kind enough to format my Sluggo Agonistes series in sticker form.
When I receive my package of them there will be an epidemic of vandalism in my neighborhood.
I am not sure why I never thought to produce this series in sticker form myself.
Many thanks to my amazing friend Paul, who has gone beyond the limits of friendship this week. Not many people are capable of amazing me more than once in the same week but the |G|™ certainly has.
Much respect, broheim...

Make sure to do yourself the favor of examing his wonderful work on Flickr. It will improve your day.
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