Monday, July 21, 2014


The title was taken from the caption of this newspaper clipping.
Harry "The Hunchback" Riccobene was an old school Philadelphia mobster and one very tough little monkey. He was very short, four foot eleven inches tall and had a hunchback. Despite his physical problems he was extremely charismatic and funny. He was initiated into the mob at the age of sixteen. 
He had a good working relationship with then mob boss Angelo "The Gentleman Don" Bruno and his underboss Phillip "Chickenman" Testa. They shot Bruno in front of a South Philadelphia restaurant which removed his high ranking protector. He was still in good stead with the mob hierarchy when Testa took control. Unfortunately Testa's reign didn't last long. He was blown up while entering his home. The blast was so strong that it ripped the porch right off of his house. "Little" Nicky Scarfo became mob boss after Testa. Scarfo and Riccobene hated each other and it wasn't long before Scarfo began plotting to kill The Hunchback.
On June 8, 1982, Harry Riccobene, then 72 years old, was standing in a in a glass enclosed phone booth talking to his 22 year-old girlfriend. On Scarfo's orders beefy 5-foot-10 Wayne Grande jogged up to the booth and shot Riccobene five times. Riccobene, tough as a bull, charged out of the booth, wrested the gun out of his assassin's hand before he collapsed on the sidewalk. Grande fled. When the police got there they asked Harry how he managed to commandeer the gun. Harry's response: "He was done with it. It was empty."
There was another attempt on his life that year. Gunmen found him sitting in his car, waiting for his girlfriend to come out of her house. They emptied their pistols into Harry's car. None of the shots hit their intended target. The cops arrived and asked him why his car was full of bullet holes. He said he didn't know. "Probably neighborhood vandals" was his response.
In the year 2000 he died in prison at age of 89.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

German Anthem 8 bits (Das Lied der Deutschen)

Somebody told me that Germany won the World Cup. 

Sehr gut, Deutschen!

I will be okay not watching European football on every bar television in Philadelphia for a while. 

I hope that they don't fill the time slot with poker tournaments because that is the damn dumbest shit imaginable. Poker isn't a sport. While I am at it either is NASCAR, the favorite of peckerwood suburbia. Watching golf on TV is a close third.

When my friend Scot and I were kids, we couldn't make any noise while going through the living room of his family home if Scot's father was watching golf. The guy was scary. He was a first generation emigre from Scotland with a thick head of white hair. He wore glasses and a permanent scowl, the quintessential dour Presbyterian with a hair trigger temper for extra points. The old man was glued to his Barcolounger all day Sunday watching golf. The Scotsman found the American announcers annoying (he found most things annoying, particularly me) so he would sit all day Sunday watching golf with the sound turned off. Can you imagine? The horror...  

But  digress...

This is an awesome 8 bit version of Das Lied Der Deutschen.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014



9 3/8" X 13 5/8" X 7/8" Tempura paint on gessoed cardboard mounted on wood with newspaper clippings.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


DESIRE AND LOSS was the opening salvo of THE HERETICAL SOCIETY. THE HERETICAL SOCIETY was an anonymous group critique of the culture industry in Philadelphia. It was the conscience of an art system that had none. THE HERETICAL SOCIETY used humor as a cudgel. The group was founded in 1997 and disbanded in 2001. 
In January of 1998, THE HERETICAL SOCIETY sent out 300 elegant announcements to the art cognoscenti asking them to attend DESIRE AND LOSS, A CRITIQUE IN EXHIBITION FORM CONCERNING THE STATE OF CONTEMPORARY ART IN PHILADELPHIA. The address was 1911 Walnut Street  on Rittenhouse Square. The Theosophical Society and the Philosophical Society are located on this block so the possibility that THE HERETICAL SOCIETY was also there seemed reasonable. The only problem was that there was no building at that address, no exhibition and no HERETICAL SOCIETY. It was simply a rubble-strewn lot bordered on the eastern and western sides by tall buildings. At the open ends of the lot there was a chain link fence with a locked gate, rendering the lot inaccessible. As people arrived to see the exhibition that wasn't there we videotaped them from a surveillance van with blackened windows. We watched their emotions bounce from confusion to anger. The video was then posted on THE HERETICAL SOCIETY website.  For a three year period we were loved and hated. The Philadelphia Weekly said in their awards issue that we were the Worst Art Activism Group in Philadelphia. We said we agreed with them but we were also the Best Art Activism Group in Philadelphia since we were in fact THE ONLY ART ACTIVISM GROUP IN PHILADELPHIA!
Since that time there have been several development proposals submitted for the lot but one after the other failed. It was as if we salted the earth and doomed its development with ancient Druidic spells. Eventually someone cleared the rubble from the lot and planted grass. I love what they did with the place.
It was the first of many provocations executed by THE HERETICAL SOCIETY.


Although the image looks similar to past work, it is a significant departure. The most radical difference is physical. It is actually a painting, not an image appropriated from the Internet and manipulated in Photoshop to resemble a painting. It is the first painting that I have done in at least twenty years. 
For the past few weeks I have been thinking about the notebooks I assembled during the 80's and 90's. The pages of the notebooks are filled with newspaper clippings. Most of the images are of political figures and events. Any images without any political content   were saved on the strength of their weirdness.
I had no idea where the notebooks were stored so it took several hours to locate them. It took several hours to locate the binders since they were all in different locations. I love the divine mendacity of Photoshop. It was not the limitations of Photoshop that led me away from it; the physicality of painting and its seductive beauty called me. In painting it was the same as it had been with my sculpture in the past. I have always preferred an Arte Povera approach to material over more costly solutions. Proletarian  materials always seemed more appropriate to use given my working-class background and my avoidance of creating decorations for the homes of an oligarchy that repulsed me with their hoarding and their greed. Even if the accursed share would inevitably would end up with the ruling class, I preferred not to contribute to the problem. 
 A painting is much cheaper to produce than work manufactured by photographic process. The printing, mounting and laminating of the Photoshop images were cost prohibitive to bring to fruition. It has been so long since I painted that the old has become new again, a novelty has emerged from the past rather than from futuristic technological advances. Despite the seemingly paradoxical nature of this situation I haven't been this excited about making art in years. 
I chose the title of this painting, CULTURAL DEVOLUTION, as a nod to the failure and terror of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China. The Cultural Revolution began with the publication of the "little red book" by Mao Tse Tung in 1966. It became an icon of radical Maoist thought and it was waved at rallies and during clashes with the "Capitalist roaders". The book called for China's return to orthodox Communism (in fact a form of Stalinism with all its brutality and purges rather than the economic system of Karl Marx) and the banishment of Capitalist and bourgeoise elements from the political structure. Ironically the Cultural Revolution was the antithesis of the forces that today make China a major financial superpower. The Cultural Revolution spawned the Red Guards, a brutal paramilitary force that terrorized what they perceived as reactionary citizens and politicians for ten years. The Red Guards were the street enforcers of Maoist dogma and the Gang of Four led by Mao's wife Jiang Qing intellectually strong-armed the political elite. Both groups forged the cult of personality that evolved around Mao. After ten years of brutality and right after Mao's death, the Gang of Four were arrested and tried for a variety of crimes. Jiang Quing and one other associate were sentenced to death. The sentence was later commuted to life in prison.
The images in CULTURAL DEVOLUTION are not from the notebooks but instead were torn from the pages of a copy of the 200 QUOTATIONS OF MAO, the official title of "the little red book." I acquired this copy years ago but I haven't the slightest idea where it came from. Oddly enough it was a French translation. The painting was done with cheap poster paint on cardboard. I mounted it on a wooden frame to reduce warpage. I like the look of mundane materials because they avoid the precious quality of most art. DEVOLUTION in the title refers to using cheap low tech materials after years of relying on high technology to create images. The schematic of the new work is consistent with that used in the images in my Abstract Depressionism series and the Scrapheap of History work.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

George Orwell - A Final Warning

This is from an English documentary on George Orwell.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Smart Lights: New LEDS Allow NSA To Spy On Your Every Movement

How long before they try to deploy these lights in your home?

Sunday, June 29, 2014


My mind, a hot rod 
whose engine overheated
on a muddy track.


My mind raced like a hot rod along the drag strip of indifference.


It was an honor to meet your sister and have a chance to speak to you again. 
Your visit was the highlight of the evening. 
Please contact me at macfeat(at) about repairing my computer. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Boy With Heart Outside Body Triumphs

This Google+ post is dedicated to Chris' mentor and close friend Phil Sparagna.


It is a television news feature on the the "Mayor of South Street" himself, Chris Wall.  Chris overcomes ore hardships in an afternoon than most of us endure in a lifetime and for that I truly admire him. He is one tough little monkey. You read it here first; Chris is a hell of a lot tougher than I will ever be. That's right, I said it. Before we get carried away with all this praise, let it not be said that Chris isn't capable of being a pain in the ass sometimes but, jokes aside, at the end of the day Chris is loved by the entire South Street community.

Friday, June 27, 2014


The former professional wrestler George "The Animal" Steele is an American hero. 
He was born in 1937 as a homunculus.
It is not known whether this specific homunculus was the result of natural selection or if it was an aberration of experimental science. What is known is that "The  Animal"  was a foundling rescued by Mr. James Steele of Madison Heights, Michigan while the man trespassed on the well manicured lawn of the Madison Heights Institute of Alchemy and Hermetic Research.
Rumors of arcane scientific experiments have dogged the Institute since its inception. Steele scanned the campus for potential witnesses. Finding none, he furtively plucked the humanoid from the dewy turf and nonchalantly stuffed it in the pocket of his simple jacket of proletarian design. The rest is history. Unfortunately the history of the proletariat is the history of 99% of the population, an underclass whose only possession of significant worth is the ability to serve the oligarchy also known as  the 1%. The proles commonly refer to the oligarchy and the economic system that sustains it by it's nickname, "Tits on a Bull".
The Steele family kept the little homunculus in an aquarium for several months for the amusement of their children. After the novelty subsided, "The Animal" was released back into the wild. Contrary to plan the young homunculus followed the scent back to the Steele household and was reunited with the Steele family after just a few days. George was already a tubby little bastard and he had grown quite fond of Mrs. Steele's culinary skills. Once reunited with the Steele family and reacquainted with the marvelous meals prepared by Mrs. Steele, George refused to budge from their kitchen. He grew at an alarming rate and soon no one was strong enough or tough enough to force George to do anything at all. 
His lifelong love of food caused him financial ruin later in life. He invested heavily in an ill-fated chain of restaurants called STEELE TURNBUCKLES. Turnbuckles, like whiskey, are said to be an acquired taste except that no one but George "The Animal" Steele ate turnbuckles. But even this was only a temporary setback. George chewed contentedly on his inventory for many years to come at wholesale rates.
He was raised with the six children of the household as if he was a much larger version of the others. 
Once he grew into his oversized feet, head and hands, he developed into an accomplished scholar. While attending Michigan State University he played varsity football. After graduation he was hired as a high school teacher at a nearby prep school. Although George was highly intelligent, his feral nature would sometimes eclipse his intellect and override rational thoughts. After a series of destructive rampages and some close calls with the law, he and school officials decided to part ways amicably. He was dangerous but lovable. Now unemployed, George became desperate to find gainful employment. 
He soon discovered his field of expertise within the confines of the squared circle. In 1962 he began his career as a professional wrestler. He quickly rose to the pinnacle of his profession. George enjoyed thirty years of success in the trade. 
Despite all his success, George "The Animal" Steele endured a period of sufferation when Annunakian drone saucers incessantly stalked him. Blessed with the abnormal strength and tenacity of a great wrestler, Steele defeated the alien forces. He dispatched the Annunaki and their Illuminati lackeys with his signiture battle cry, "YOU GO. NOW!" 
As a result of his glorious victory over the forces of darkness, the tattered remnants of the Annunaki resistance retreated into the strip malls and swamps of southern New Jersey. It is known that Annunaki headquarters are marked by their distinct signage advertising such organizations as Rotary International, The Loyal Order of Moose , The Kiwanis, The Lions Club International, The Elks, Weight Watchers and The Committee to Elect Chris Christie for President.  Avoiding these organizations should significantly reduce contact with the aliens. Beware, the Annunaki were beaten but not eradicated. Credible reports emerge citing that the Annunaki have increased risk of alcoholism, prescription drug abuse and  crippling depression since relocating to South Jersey, 


         This is must see TV.